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How to get to heaven from Pittsburgh

Photo of map of Pittsburgh

Directions to get around in Pittsburgh are a challenge to anyone, but especially to those who are new to the area. "Just go down to where the Kroger used to be. You know the one that burned down three years ago?" "Go up the hill, round the bend, then down the hill and you'll be there." South? North? East? West? They're pretty much meaningless here. What looks like a main street leads nowhere and seemingly insignificant roadways are actually the main route to your destination. And are you ever in trouble if you need to find a legible street sign in most neighborhoods!

Perhaps that's a good picture of how your life feels right now. Lot's of choices for direction but none of them seem to be getting you anywhere. The advice you've been getting about how to find peace is confusing at best. And what seemed like good choices have turned out to be dead ends. You've found no peace in striving for financial security, even if you've achieved it. A life of partying leaves you empty the next day. And even trying to do what's right just leaves you frustrated and guilty because of your failures.

There's good news! God loves you and has a marvelous plan for your life. He has made a way for you to be in right standing with Him and wants to give you a life that is full of peace and joy. The Bible will give you the right directions to where you really want to be. Listen to what it says: